Moselle ValleyMoselle Valley

Moselle Valley

by Liam Aubrey
Anyone who has visitied the idyllic Moselle valley knows what makes it one of Europe´s favorite destinations for a short break. Beautiful weather in the summer months coupled with incredible views and fantastic wines ar just a few of the things which bring people back year after year. During the winter months, the christmas markets are a highlight.

The river Moselle flows through France, Luxemburg and Germany with ports in Thionville, Metz, Mertert and Trier. The excellent wine growing region „Mosel“ in Germany produces some of the best Riesling wines in the world thanks to the river Moselle and the steep sides of the valley. This gives the grapes lots of sunlight and moisture which creates the perfect condition for the Riesling wine to flourish.

Temperatures can reach a sunny 30 degrees in the summer months, the perfect weather to sit in the shade with a glass of Riesling and a Flammkuchen in one of the pretty little towns such as Cochem, Traben-Trabach and Bernkastel-Kues. Accommodation is rarely a problem in such toursit hot spots which boast a very high number of holiday apartments, B&Bs and Hotels. Even if you can´t find one in the town itself, there are plenty more in neighbouring villages, just a short bike ride away from the main towns.

Riding through the valley on a bicycle is a delight, with flat cycle paths following the banks of the river but also mountain bike tracks for those who prefer a more active break. There are many other activities to pass time on the Moselle such as boat trips, hiking, winery tours and of course, wine tasting. So whether you´re looking for a family holiday or a short break for two, the Moselle valley has everything to cater to your every need!

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