Our future handling of reviewsOur future handling of reviews

Our future handling of reviews

For a while now we have been dealing with review sites and the comments left by guests, also with the many fake reviews, mae purely to harm our business. We invested a lot of time and energy into this. It was maybe taken too emotionally by us, but this is because everyone here wants to make sure all guests have a fantastic and all-round comfortable stay at our hotel.
These websites are often used as threats by people who are looking for a price reduction where none is needed or indeed justified. These attempts at blackmailing is not something that we will stand for any longer!
As useful as the colorful world of the internet is, some people use it as a fraudulent tool for blackmailing.
It seems to me that many people use the anonymity of the internet to let off steam. It has nothing to do with freedom of speach anymore, or any other thin arguments that are thrown around. An especially quesionable argument ist he fear of a reaction in real life or the threat to someones livelihood. These are precisely the two things that effect us, the person who is addresse personally – the pseudonym remains in hiding.
This philosophy is not something that fits our personal or business principles. We expect our employees and also our guests to treat others with care, fairness an to be personal with one another.
So we have decided to stop commenting on reviews on the various websites and invest the time and energy even more into the wellbeing of the guests on site.
If something does not meet your satisfaction when you visit our hotel or restaurant we ask to you please tell us immediately. We are all committed to making sure you are more than happy with everything when we welcome you as a guest in our establishment. Please do not leave it until it is too late. From the 13th June 2015, we present our new menus with a small recipe booklet and as always, our service team asks for your thoughts on the meal 5 minutes after it is served. It is impossible for us the check any complaints if the plate is empty!
Since April 1st 2014 we also use an iFeedback system in the hotel and restaurant. After a year of testing we can see that the criticism is a lot more constructive and we will carry on with the system’s use.
We look forward to your visit!
Stefan Krebs and his Team.

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